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When I was YOUNG I always dreamed about You


Anne Lykke Langloe

DIRECTLY RECORDED ON A primitive CASSETE TAPE RECORDER, IN 1981 on amateur basis and unedited. With LOTS of PASSION. At that time I was 15 years old. All songs are composed in 1978-80.
In Singer song writer style, for vocal and acoustic piano. The original tape, with these songs among others, were sent to a PHILIPS CONTEST in 1981, since they appeared to late, I got a letter, that if they had been there in right time, they would have had, quite good chances.
Since I nowadays have focus on the healing aspect in human voices, I chose to let this original recording show the way to the voice ́s natural sound, in the momentary atmosphere and feelings of, what I really was, then, A TEENAGER and my experiences of love, at that time. And also I believe, that it was, therapeutic as well.
The songs and the words, came immediately in a flow, while creating them. I was so inspired. I want to say, a heartfelt THANK YOU, my dearest MUM :) For being my mum and for always caring about me, in all ways, including, encouraging me to record all these songs and send them to the contest and keeping, both me and the tape safe, for so many years:)

That ́s the main reason, why, it ́s possible, to letting and getting them out now :D And I ́m so happy and proud, now, as they are released, in the original version:) And "don ́t You worry:) I ́ve gotten over all the heartaches, from my teenage years. And I have found my ONE and ONLY, TRUE LOVE:) I ́m so blessed, to have the loveliest and greatest daughter, - so full of love, life and music:)

I owe thanks to my mum, dad, sisters, brothers, family, friends and the fact that I now am doing, what I love to do. It ́s so lovely to do one ́s life purpose. I ́m grateful for the "teachers", I ́ve had in my life. Such as Maya Fridan and Anita Hesselfeldt. I ́ve tried both their clairvoyant guidance, healing through their loving guides and archangels and their therapeutic ways. My life is certainly going in the right direction.
My present and future goals are always to invite angels and God, when I improvise music, singing, with the intention to be in contact, with angels committed to sound and healing. I often sense, that angelic beings and loved ones are around me. I hope my spiritual, sen - sitive and clairvoyant skills, will open even more up.

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Music, lyrics, vocal, piano and arrangement by Anne Lykke Langloe. - Mastering 2014 verner-s-studio.
(Verner has also edited the cover photo:)
Lots of love to You from Anne Lykke Langloe.

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