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United in Sound



The album "United in Sound" is an emotional journey through songs with stormy heights, quiet ballads, presence and remarkable tunes and lyrics. Melodio has a great variety in sound, and combines traditional rock-pop sound with folk instruments such as glockenspiel, violin, pump organ, lap steel Greek and Turkish string instruments and more.

"United in Sound" is available in two sound qualities:
44.1khz16bitWaw - normal cd-quality – (much better than mp3)
88.2khz24bitWaw – high quality - (better than cd-quality)
*The highest quality is recommended to get full impression of the the music, though it takes more time to download.
When you buy “United in Sound” you also get a cd-cover ready to print, in case you want to burn your own cd afterwords, if so, it's recommended to download the album in normal cd-quality.

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